yes, it´s true, some groups at ipernity are rarely used or close to death.

But since it is now possible to invite content for every member in nearly every group this would be a nice utility to get some groups back to re-live.

So please no more grumbling about "dead groups at ipernity" - it´s a job for EVERY member of such a dead group now to bring them back to live! Not anymore just the administrators or moderators of the groups have to invite new docs to groups, it´s part to delegate this working to every member!
And if there are new items posted (because they are invited) new members will get attention about the group which aren´t a member of a group.
Yes, this is advertisement for groups!

And if there is something new posted it´s possible to comment on this newsly posted items...

So - please stop with grumbling about "deadly groups" - invite photos which you saw at others to the groups they might be fitting to!

It´s not just up to the administrative team to get a group running - it has to been a task for every member of a group as it´s possible now!

So - if you want living groups - bring some live back to them.