The group called funfair is for all kinds of documents of funfairs, Jahrmarkt, Kirmes, rollercoasterparks and such stuff. Feel free to jin and post your stuff.

My other groups are:

Jahrmarkt, Kirmes, Wiesn, Dom, Funfair, amusement parks, kermis, theme-parks 
FC St. Pauli (a german football-club) 
Football (soccer) / Fussball 
Bridges / Brücken
Bellies (humans) / Bäuche (menschliche) (moderated) 
Interesting signs / Interessante Schilder (which aren't the usual ones)  
Floodlight-pyloons / Flutlichtmasten (no inside-ones, no room-lights) 
Sportfotografie (sport-action-shots)
Feel free to join them - and constribute!