The hand of life is unevenly dealt to
souls come to rest upon this earth
all deserving a chance to be heard

abandoned, abused and forsaken
by those entrusted a sacred mission
to young spirits unsheltered by love

life force cowers inside an unbearable
weight of dread, dishonour and rage
stifled, silenced and driven to ground

destruction, devastation and immolation
an escape from the prison of self
seeking obliteration of endless pain

however, a heavenly helping hand
may descend to harbour lost souls
in their hour of supreme destitution

in the light of this love, grace and mercy
and through the power of forgiveness
for ourselves and for all who cut us

we find life
we find love
we find ourselves

Forever Grateful

and the fighter stands with feet set wide, courageously battling the demons that beset us all, striving for beauty, truth and love and the prize we all cherish - Life.