Love All Ways

Love is rare
and should not be left unsaid
when the feeling is in the air
Love is precious
and should not be wasted
when life can be so short
Love is fragile
and fear may block its way
when life turns strange
Love is strong
and it may conquer all
when two souls form a bond
We never know what lies around the next corner
and so should live today
as if it all my walk away tomorrow
don’t hesitate to tell those you love how you feel – you may never have another chance
I speak of love because I know of no other name to describe the depths I have traversed.
I tried to remove it
I tried to convince myself it wasn’t real
I tried to push it away with the pain
I tried to make believe I didn’t care
I tried so many things to make it go away
But it still breathes and I can see that it will always be
it needs no nourishment, it is sufficient unto itself
I can’t explain it – even to myself
but I no longer yearn for that knowledge
I simply allow it to persist
it comforts me every moment of every day and every night
Love knows not the bounds
of time and space
You have only to reach out
to feel its touch
and though I say goodbye a thousand times, I am all ways here