If love could be told true in words
would poets continue
to spin thoughts
from their fingertips?

Loves lies in the heart of a soul
protected from shadows play

Words cannot speak its true name
silent in your spirit’s embrace

Who sees the depths of love clearly?

Who knows where love ends
and obsession begins?

Who can describe the sensations
you feel in your life’s core
in the hollow of your chest
in the diffusion of your thoughts
lit by the glow of desire
and the sunshine of a smile?

Love can only be known
by its presence
and be understood
across the passage of time
through the days of joy
and days of sadness
of bitter madness
and the silent reverie
of companionship across time and space
in the absence of words
to foster its name

to be true
it must breathe
in the play of light and darkness
the world shows to our lives

love must survive the worst of us
and still be there when the sun dawns on a new day
to be worthy of the best we can be

I am in love with Life

I love you, Marla Ketchum!