On the way to my uncles funeral
I took many more than a thousand pictures
with my mind
it was a glorious day on the prairies
bright sun rising higher in the sky
than the days before
winds calm and crisp spring air
all was still the shade of brown that's left
after the winter has departed
with it's blanketing white spaces
the green of spring was hinted, but left yet unsaid
while miles disappeared in horizons
defined by diminishing lines of telephone poles
and fabled forests of barbed wire fence lines
I thought a lot about my uncle
about the values of family
I examined my recent past and pains still unhealed
and I rejoiced in the simple complexities of life
and the wonder of it all
how does it happen?
how do we go on
when our hearts are on the ground
and no one is there to pick them up
or when the absence of a friend has left their hole in your shadow?

I don't know.... you just do, go on, and then again