I am new to ipernity from Flickr www.flickr.com/people/kellyraecd and I fear that it's going to take me a rather long time to move into this space.

As you may know from Flickr my life as Kelly peaked at DLV 2010 in Las Vegas where I got to spend the weekends and weekday nights enfemme. I met so many wonderful people and made some fantastic friends. I literally had the time of my life.

However while this was going on, back home, I had a wife and two small children waiting my return. Reuniting with them was bittersweet. While I had been out and about before going off to Vegas when I returned I had a whole new set of expectations for what I wanted out of life. Hiding in the closet, as I had done my whole adult life, just didn't seem to cut it any longer.

I filled my head and heart with dreams of coming out and coming alive. My wife saw things differently. The kids no nothing of this side of me. My wife has known for several years but simply can not come to terms with it. In her world embracing Kelly meant rejecting her and by extension my entire family Things got very ugly those initial few weeks post Vegas.

I chose to put my family first and as hard as it was I managed to squeeze Kelly back into that tiny box that fery few get to see. I've been so happy to share this part of myself with all of you. After Vegas my picture taking opportunities became fewer and farther in between. I have had a few outings but not many. I don't have much to show as Kelly these days. The void you see here has been my existence .

Im not saying that I regret my decision but it has been difficult and I hope to one day fly again. Hopefully I'll manage to import some of my most cherished photos from Flickr here for you and I to share. Please be patient.

Thanks, Kelly