This Article is about what I've been going through since Last October 2013 & that I was going to Give Birth to a Baby Girl around 3rd of July 2014!! But I'm brave enough to admit & let You all know that Tomorrow Morning of the 27th of February 2014 7pm Est I shall go in to Labour at 21 Weeks as My Baby Girl Lochey has a Very Rare Chromosonal Disorder called "Trisomy 13" Which is a 1 in 20.000 chance of getting this Rare Unfortunate Disease!! I am so Sad Depressed in Limbo going through a Maternal Hormonal Roller coaster & I find the whole Situation Disturbing + DDRHer face & fetus are Deformed. Peeps I will be Back 2 Myself in no Time as after all I'm Shooting alot as My Escape is Photography. Thank You Friends 4 listening 2 the Truth..