Something I've always struggled with is whether to only post the very best shots that I take, or post a selection of whatever I'm doing at the time. On Flickr, it was definitely the latter - I'd normally post the best one or two shots of the set, even if they didn't match up to the highest standards. Here at Ipernity, I have the chance to think about a new approach.

For example, my latest batch of shots was from a 120 roll of B&W film shot in an ancient Agfa Clack. The results are OK-ish, they're not stunning - it's hardly the world's best camera(!) and I didn't choose ideal subject matter for it, either. For now, I've dumped them on the lomography site where they look at things a little differently. Previously, I'd have uploaded at least one of these shots to Flickr, but I'm hesitating about uploading them here, in case they dilute my stream.

The same applies to my Flickr back file - of course, as I followed this policy before, not everything there is very good. Right now, I've still only transferred a handful of my best shots - there's definitely more to bring over, but do I bring everything, warts and all, or do I have a cleanout?

One thing I'm always mindful of: photography is so subjective, some people might actually think the stuff I'm discarding is better than the stuff I'm keeping. I guess that's up to me though, as to how I want to represent myself.

The urge to publish and share is strong, but the skill and discipline in maintaining a high standard portfolio might be something I should aim for.