Today was in a sense wonderful. Pushing aside my anxiety to face and be able to muscle ability to speak up about everything. I spent time visiting a Catholic church which they feed daily many in the community. They are mostly the homeless. It was interesting to sit and listen to them as I sat and spoke with my coworkers. It was the three of us. People did come to us and talk with us about our program. I saw the sides of many lives been bombarded by living on the streets that impacted their functioning, cognitive ability, and mental health. As though I started to feel sorrow for them, I felt happy for them that they were able to smile and socialize. They were regularly there and met each other on that single day at that single hour. Volunteers would come out and look over the area. I was complexed about where were they going after they left from being with others and eating their meal. Some remained there and sat at the steps outside of the church.

A person in particular came up to us and began talking about everything under the sun. I thought to myself "have mercy." What I could not understand is for those who are homeless-yet wears two cell phones which worked! Where is the connection there? Either one thought we were not hip to the game, or we were just some people to buy time with. People come clothed as someone they are not. And people come saying things that they don't know is true.. To them it's real, who am I to prick that pretty little bubble?

I was able to bond with my coworkers. I felt appreciative to this. Outreach is important for many. You give them the information and you leave them with the choice to use those options. Life somehow is worth to think more than act it seems. Really no one is being fooled but you. I cared the entire time. Though I was thinking about these people's life stories, many of them seem happy. I did not see anyone frowning. I did not see anyone fighting. It was peaceful. People were glad to see each other no matter what they had or didn't have. To me, this was cool.

Stepping outside of ourselves help us to see that many of us are the same. We need same things. We follow same things. We want to end up with the same things. Sometimes we are not able to let go-at the same time makes us wanting the same but differing it as well.