Do you hear me when I tell you life has been unbearable the last few days?
I take one look at life and then take one look around me
It is all the same and she says, "No one seems to care anymore."
Her eyes still flickering passion for life, but her hands are old and frail
And she stares back into my eyes
Perhaps wondering where I will go with this

Yet they go unknown, invisible to the world
Their old age seems as a quick departure and a yesterday news
And they are alive-no one cares to listen
They want to feel you as you could feel them
Nothing to be said more than to know you understand

What could a young lady offer to those who are in need?
Shoved around in this world and living in buildings with others of the same age
But different lifestyles and different life stories
And as you look around, you want to know all of their stories
She is only one of millions

And I had to fight a tear
She feels everyone pushes harder than she is able to say
Those who work to serve and care are burden but we don't like to lose their hope
If I could have stayed longer, her story would have been written on my mind
And even as I write this
Her story is ingrained

I don't know why the elderly are lost to our world
I don't know why there are mentality to let go and turn away
The life that still breathes, breathes deep and fight to be here
And yet they are tossed aside, abandoned, and ignored
I held her eye contact
I held her gaze
I held her for a moment

To Listen

Is All She Asked of Me

-Keisha Marshall

Today I had a learning experience of meeting an elderly woman. I was touched by my coworker and her as I observed their conversation. To stare across the table and look into the face of this woman who was once my age-and did so much with herself, life, and others. To all seem for nothing as it seems. So very wise. I find that the elderly reflect a lot on people, their life, and finding peace with death. And I don't understand how any society does not value their elderly as they would with their children. Maybe people just lose hope themselves and think, "Well he or she has lived a long life. There is nothing more we should do." Why do some adapt this way of thinking? People give up and do go sooner because they think no one cares or will listen to know what they face everyday. I wished I was a psychologist. It is something that one would want to research and show how much elderly value interpersonal relationships, FAMILY ABOVE ALL, being healthy and happy, and feeling like they can do anything.

I find that serving my duty to help people becomes hard. I know that I cannot save everyone and I do not deny or pretend with myself. We got to start caring for one another from the birth to the elders. A lot of what I've seen from my experiences within social services has been due to lack of family contact, feeling hopeless, and uncared for. Most of the time we don't have to say anything. Just Listen.