Ok I am not computer savvy but I need any advice or instructions to cure what seems a corrupted DVD drive. I have a HP laptop which runs off of Window Vista. Every single disc that I insert into the drive, the computer does not read it. I hear the sound like it is stirring up to start some communication. Instantly there is silence. I have not been able to edit any old photographs because my DVD drive is not reading any of the discs. Prior to, I was leaving a disc in the drive for a day or two. One hopes it did not cause the problem. I do not want to take to someone who will charge me large sum of dollars when it only takes one simple step to correct. I've even tried putting movie DVDs in the drive-nothing. ;(

It also means that I am not able to burn music for my car. ;( ;( Oh dear!

The problem has been resolved thanks to the HP support team. I did not know why I did not think to call but I did actually. I was trying to see if someone knew about this before I contacted them. Now I know what to do when there is an auto play problem. The poor support tech was waiting on the phone probably for a good 20 minutes with me to wait for my system to go through its process.

Ditching work helps too. ;) Lots to be done though. This week is my last week before I begin the new position. I hope that it is rewarding. My older brother wrote to tell me that God does not put you in any situation that you cannot handle. Even for those here who do not believe God, there is some truth still to this. I guess it goes back to one believing in fate and everything happens for a reason.