I must say that ahh I have another day off tomorrow. F****** YES! So I will be rejoicing as I lay back on the smooth, cushiony chair at the dental office to receive (finally like dang what the heck were their problem to delay such procedure) as I was saying bottom braces. I might just scare you folks again like I did the first time in this blog writing on my killer braces. I am thinking of what colors to do the band. Do you all want to see me in hot pink, blue, fire engine red, silver, clear, black/orange for pre halloween. My coworker is doing that! Hmm…Plus people people PEOPLE I have landed myself a new job come two weeks from now as a prelicensed clinical therapist. Adios and Arriverderci to my old way of living my life at this current employer. I have thought often that working as a social worker is not my cup of tea. Though it was a journey, I’ve gain the experience and I am not ignorant of anything a social worker ever does, the fatigue after a long day, the wish for the clock to land on 5:30 pm, or the look into another worker’s eyes and say, Damn, WTF did I get myself into this time? I do anticipate the new experience to be a changing one for the good. So I smile that I felt the day would never come. It has arrived and I am not ever looking back. Ok maybe. Some of the children I had the pleasure to do work with in this agency cannot be forgotten. I will wonder about many of them as they grow older and start a life for themselves. I have finally accepted my position in life is to help others and not deny myself the experiences of doing such. But don’t come asking me for free services if you need therapy. I will need to charge you a small at least generous token of my work. As things are for a reason, this is a journey that I hope I am not left screaming my head off again!