Life is sometimes an action of unexpected conditions but it is a process which we cannot deny one to embark and learn from it. We spend our whole lives anticipating as a child. I will be this and I will do that. No promises and no guesses. We are presented with many things that question who we are even to ourselves (which is often the hardest thing to accept). I am still trying to figure this one out believe me. How we are so hard on ourselves for things we wished we had done, received, and felt. Surely life teaches you to respect and not forget what has been your experience. If we surpass the very notion that it is just a life, I have one and then it is over. We accept to not do anything which would encourage us to feel good and obligated to embrace this journey. I mean life is not all good. I will not paint it as though it is some beautiful sunset across the skies here at Ipernity. It is a way to be accepting of what it is out there for us. So much changes are occurring which I feel could be a history of life repeating it or some new occurrences to send us sailing across places never seen before. We do only get one. If we don’t make the best of it, who the hell will for us? So I say a journey is not forgotten. Each road lays a strange and sometimes unfamiliar place. It is a fearful step because what if you can’t look back or take back anything experienced on this road. We want to find reason within ourselves to legitimize anything slightly remote of trouble or a passing of some process. That never sat well with us. In things that are not good and terrible, there is a silver lining among it all. Bravery you may want to call it. To ability to wake up and try again and again and AGAIN. Seriously folks we are not sleeping and we are not dreaming, we are facing no illusions, no nightmares, and no sense of responsibility that all we experience is to draw a complete loop around all of us together. We are living off of opportunities, communication, affection, and even to have a sense of belonging. Our life in this journey is to be a part of something if not all we spend our waking hours thinking about and hoping to come true.

If you really think how many hours we spend as some would say daydreaming, it will seem as most of the day. We go in and out of it when we are not in the midst of some busy task at hand. If you clearly think about it, they seem like wishes but they are often thoughts of needs and wanting to fit, belong, suit the purpose with this need, and say we are complete. I dare say that this is somehow platforms to leave us to feel as though we are dreaming while we live our journey. Experiences are always something to have because without them, we are ignorant and we don’t learn from anything. Now it is not to say that an experience unfamiliar labels us as dumb, but we are ignorant because it is unknown. How can we speak on something that we have not truly experienced? We want to nurture ourselves on this journey. We walk to talk things through with everyone and even to ourselves (of course not around people-one would think you were nuts!). Life can pick you up and dump you in the unexpected places along our journey. We need to learn how to walk and not waddle as we are dumped. You know that everything has a reason. For some of you who are reading this and shaking your head, I don’t believe this. It is biblical sounding and I do not believe in the venue of spiritualistic thoughts. Everything HAS a reason. When you think that your life will never change, it is always changing but you are blinded by other things to keep you always seeing it one way. When you think that you’ve not ever experienced anything while you’re busy comparing self to others, you’ve experienced as much if not most than others. Everything on our journey is for a reason. The people you meet online, the people you meet on the streets, café, parties, bookstores, museums, etc. are for a REASON. Whether they entice the sweet pit of your mind with intellectual stimulation, humor, poetic verses, or to just say hey, everyone is for a REASON. Our journey is without a doubt a reason to be as it is to what we don’t always have an answer for or know how it will turn out during its progress. But do enjoy. You only have one. ;) (You know unless you've been one of those strange occurrences along your journey to experience death and become awake moments after, live and talk about it. In the midst of it acquire some psychic abilities and telepathy which I think could catch someone and something quicker on your journey-I do say jokingly but death is not funny.).