In This Room I Think

It is pinched silent except for the noise of my fan.
The blinds are swinging back and forth,
And leaving traces of sunlight dancing across my walls
And I love it!

To sit here and just try to let things be,
No intentions to soothe other quiet and tucked away things inside of ME
I just want to feel the touch of the breeze blowing softly on me
And the dangling strands of hair floating along my neck
And this feels great!

Tomorrow will be another day for me I assure,
I will go quietly into the working world and leaving it to return to my living world.
Standing still for just a moment and letting everything else move around me,
I have found my inner peace.
And I can safely say that life is much precious when you have peace,
And you never want to ever live without!

My mind wonders about lots of things including people
Those I seek to know better and things I like to find out are true.
It stirs my mind completely as though I could see it all before me,
I think that I feel the need to belong and make a place good for me.
And I will hurdle among it to never let go,
And I will know that what I find beautiful is worth having for the best of me.

Nothing feels better than knowing the fact, greats things will be
Though the breezes are still around me, I welcome them and not for mere weather.
There is this set moment of quietness. Nothing disturbed yet I am still pondering as usual.
And it feels right.
And I am glad for this day off from my job! ;)

-Keisha Marshall