So ok I have started back leisurely reading, this book is called “Self-Made Man,” by Norah Vincent. I once saw her interview on a popular talk show. The name of the show slips me however I found it very interesting in her insight on learning about the communication between men, their fears, their views of women, etc. I have only begun to read a few pages of her book after I’ve bought it for over several months now. ;( How dreadful of me?! I have another book that I anticipate to read called the “Female Brain.” I think that this author has always tried to understand herself and perhaps her desire which others found different from a young child. She related better with males and enjoyed playing with male gendered toys. All the while she accepted who she is, a woman, and knows the changes and the psychological (mental, emotional, etc.) about being a woman. Yet she wants to try and understand men. Will they recognize her disguised as a man? I find it pretty amazing myself that she was able to do so for an entire YEAR. Men are not that smart after all (just teasing). ;) I hope I do not end up reading half of this book and cannot put it down. Even now as I am typing this, I am wondering what will happened next. Right now it is a bit boring because she is going through the fix up of the hair, facial stuff, etc. I think she is also perhaps trying to seek how she enjoys what men are to women and what men are to themselves. I mean I grew up as a tomboy too. None of my cousins (the females and males) were my age. I one of the tail end of the paternal Marshall’s side of the generational grandchildren’s branch just lingered and dangled. I grew out of it but I still like to play rough! haha.

Something interests me how she talks about the communication of men give to other women and they give to each other. She stated that she grew up in New York where there was always constant eyeball staring and just men eating you like you were today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner (my words). I think she was often startled and curious to why men were always staring and exhibiting their dominance with women. With men to each other, she did an experiment to go out in drag. The guys never looked her in the eye when she stared at them. In the book, she states that men would often choose to not do this to decrease the risk of conflict. So is it true that men who stare back at each other will result to conflict, and she even went to far of saying a homosexual encounter. I think I try to often understand men, and pardon me, for those I tease and poke often here at Ipernity. I just want to have fun and understand you better that’s all. Meaningless harm. A question also goes inside my head, “Why do we relate better to one particular sex, for example, a guy who prefers to have only female friends, a female who prefers to have only male friends?” I just find it interesting. I am always the one for learning about communication between sexes and everything having to do with relationships (i.e. friendships, marriage, singlehood, etc.).

Perhaps this book will bring me to enlightenment.

PS Feel free to share books with me of which you're reading now or have read in the past. I am always looking for good books. We can share opinions!