Short Verses of the Past

Contour the words of the mind if I fell awake
I was never alone. I watch the surroundings as
I carefully made my way through the paths. I can
shout because I know how to swallow my contempt.
Agitated to my finger as to collaborate this certain idea…

“Words compelled in my heart an often vision that portrays the love I withstand. A blessing comes as I stand.”

“We make time for ourselves to justify why some things grow and get pulled underneath.”

Been in my heart for days knowingly that it only knows you
I listen while my eyes focus in on the cloudless sky
And a constant beat shatters what has of you
It grows to bring the peace of only it knows
Nothing could ever remove what’s there
I’m alive because of it, and living because I know it stays
I turn my face into an upside flower that keeps turning down when the sun doesn’t shine
You come and stand over me-I’m smiling once again
With petals that be my fingers to caress your yearning cheek when you rub against me
And if you laid me in a vase in hopes I still will smile tomorrow
I would know what has been there for days-------

Been traveling a life that’s been off and on track.
Got a destination that I haven’t met yet,
but time slips out of place.
When you think you’re there, you’re really farther than you know-----
A circumstance which only you can figure out-
What will be the answer causing you to live a dream.

The saying goes like the bursting wind beneath the sun
to learn a proper meaning is to invite your character into its light
Following the words as a part of your being-take the place to breathe for answers
Such long awakening that kneels before the center of my soul
Continue to fight and grown when everything isn’t being heard
I go to the narrow miles and pour my integrity on their street.
Watching it fade from existence.
Seeing the likes of me disappear without an obvious trace
Someone walked over to touch the spot where I once laid and felt nothing
When this person strolled by, everyone felt me.

You Know

What subtle way to bend your time into images,
to fall in a deeper set of life without a given thought.
Pulling everything down with you,
You try to change everything not your day
And dashing out brief descriptions to color that you are.
Trying to figure what gives you a picture that holds
Comparing to any thought that cause a frontal mirror
Understand that growing puts out a listening
Looking to the obstacles that cleans the appearance
I swallow whole your eye then I put back in your every idea
Are you going to lose your legacy in a blink?

-Keisha Marshall