I Want…

I want to imagine it
Again, Again, and Again
like it was never forgotten
Such reminder of everything soft and good

I want to hold it
Now, Now, and Now
like it was meant and created for my hands only
Such reminder of everything, I think of you

I want to see it
Today, Today, and Today
like it never left me
Such reminder of everything that be so perfect
I want to whisper back
I dream again

I want to kiss it
Forever, Ever, and Ever
like it was meant for my lips only
Such reminder of how sweetness can taste for a lifetime

I want to bear it
Together, Together, and Together
like no one has ever lived in denial about how hard life seems to be
Such a reminder that we are vulnerable yet we are strong

I want to say it,
Again, Now, Today, Forever, Together
That all the things I want,
Life gives to me when it is time
I do not have like for it or be reminded
I have what I wish for and I will get what I need

-Keisha Marshall