In the article, “Can Men and Women Ever Be just Friends?” Steve Jones from the T4 addressed this question in Cosmopolitan UK August 2008 issue. I so happen to be reading this late evening and thought it was interesting to read on a male perspective. He feels that men are not able to fully have women as friends unless there appears to be a sense of honesty and are girlfriends to his best mates. Though he admits that his maturity is allowing him to want a more developing relationship with a woman without fear of her spending time with her good male friend, he is trying to be open. Yet he feels it is a bit impossible. Now I pondered on this of course. I truly think that both males and females have this problem. Even if women do not admit that they do not think all the time with their sex drive, it does not mean they have not had a good male friend to cross their mind and wonder about a fantasized sexual conquest. Women will not admit, and I think not all men will either unless he is willing to risk with her, as well she with him. Where is the line drawn between the opposite sexes being only strictly platonic friends without the thought of wanting sex from either? Mr. Jones feels that most men are going to think sex with their attractive and most wonderful girl friends. What do you men out there reading this think? I think it also depend on the man as well. If he does not have this intention, he most likely will not ever cross the line. However there is that unlikeable spark that could just happen one day sitting around the house doing God who knows what (lets assume) having a conversation or planning somewhere to go hang out. I for one do not have this experience unfortunately. I do not know how I would be reacting truthfully, but I do know I will attempt to be honest in those regards. I mean I do agree with Mr. Jones that we are animals and we do function on our sexual drives. However unless man and woman are both attracted to one another and feeling this sexual tension as well, I doubt anything will happen. Even if there isn’t, there can always become time where one will (I hate to be under the influence or just needing to get a release).

I think that women are often looking for comfort from men. I think that women who find their male friends attractive may not act on it unless she is willing to change the entire dynamics of their friendship. The same can be said about man thinking about his very good girl friend(s). Women overly think too much on how they feel, want to react, or even what to say to him. Even if she is feeling the same, she may never impede on the very thought to act. It is like the movies of the girl blabbering to her friend, “What if he does not like me?” or “What if he is already seeing someone else?” Now that is a question she should know if she is one of his best gal friends. Are there regrets for going after your best friend? I mean this article had me thinking of how are the other men in this world truly feeling about this? Is it really true men? Do you think with your packages more often than your heart around a woman you are finding your fancy for? I do not believe it to be so. Mr. Jones think that is the way of life for most men. I just love reading the UK Cosmo because of all the words they use opposite of us Americans like “Shag,” and “Knickers.” I want to feel that two people who enjoy each company will usually keep as that unless they are willing and ready to go the extra mile. I do believe that male and female can be the greatest of friends. ;) There is a fine line however here in there depending on the situation. Of course the concept of thinking about qualities found in either can also arouse the thought of wondering how it would be. We’ve heard of, “She is just great. She’s smart, funny, silly, sexy, sweet…dah dah dah…and She about him, “Oh he is so intelligent, athletic, witty, charming, and have the best bod I’ve ever seen.” Another question, do we all want the same thing out of our mates? What about the friends who fight with each other constantly but cannot stand to be apart? So Mr. Jones must have had a lot of females that he quite liked and perhaps shagged.

Long as we are humans and without the undoubtedly need, anything can happen. Never say it will be me. Cause it might very well be you. I just think that Mr. Jones feel that most men think sex whether it is with the girlfriend or his very good girl friends. There is this undeniably pulls of attraction whether we like or not. I do think that men respect their friendships with their girl friends and never try to impede on changing anything. Yet I do not think they lie with the thought never crossing their mind.

What are your thoughts men and women?