Throw Me Off

I am sitting here in the morning
With my mind a stirring like a spoon in an empty cup
And I tend to stare at the walls for things such as dreams
Ah what an early morning

So my days are full of instructions and determination
My restless soul is at another level of anticipation
I slumber to find the time to close my eyes
I am awake again and staring up at the sky

I want to close my eyes, so throw me off I go
I am not changing, or am I?
I want to feel right I want to close early tonight
I cannot do so, throw me off I go

Got the dwindling of a stick plugging against my chest
Beating against the very part of me it lays against hard
I don't want to break it in half, for it would be gone
I don't want to throw it off, cause I started it

Help me find time to close these sweet eyes
Growing restless by the day and full of aspirations
I need a leaf to flush against my face
And smell pines again before I am thrown away

Some nights are full of contemplations and walks
I shuffle my thoughts onto paper for the world to view
And I hear that the touch of fingertips are all you need
And the listen of your conscious breathing for you to say

Throw me off, I got to go
I am learning to feel myself grow in the morning.
And throwing off is only saying I need to sleep
The time has come to pretend and lay at rest
Nah it is all laughter now

No warm milk or back massages
No laying in hot baths and soothing music
I am throwing me off here in the earliest morning to write
Again and Again
It is such contemplations

Now I feel that weary grows out of the eyes
And longing grows into the vessel of your heart
Throwing me off is getting brighter
As I find my path closer today

Poem by Keisha Marshall