Are You Ready?

Turn away now and face the light
Don’t turn my way I am standing there behind you
I am soaking up the rays of gentle touches
Light blinding me as I move forward and push you with me
Don’t tell me to slow down, we got to move fast

It’s ok to tell me you’re sorry, It’s ok to say you’re angry
I won’t turn around and save you
Unless you are willing to turn around and save me too
We are in this together I say, you and me

Turn away now, you will start to miss me
Can you hear me whisper in your ear?
Can you feel my hand holding you close, you would let go if there were no hand holding you near
You would turn and face the world with your eyes squeezed shut
I hear you, I see you
I stand behind you every step of the way

Be a friend now for I am in need
Don’t desert me when I call out for you, don’t tell me I don’t need anything
I’ve searched forever in my life
To find something so true
If I pushed you ahead of me, I don’t want you fall behind me
We will cross this road together

Now you turn to face me, I stand with my eyes looking at your ground
Pretty grasses and molasses encircling our paths
Smells of sweet lavenders blowing and tickling my nose
Sunrays burning the side of my cheek
And you say to me, “Where have you been?”
My eyes slowly looked at yours
And I say, “I’ve lost you.”

Time stands unknown
I face the greater things that I feared
I learn to push myself when I think myself is falling behind
I learn to push what is to come that stands before me
Shifting everything all at once
I forgot to just be happy
I still have me

-Keisha S. Marshall