They Hide Away and Mistake You

They watch quietly with swollen, dark eyes into the rest of the world
And when they feel they are being stared at, they smile wickedly
I am not looking because I know too often a face as cold is only an expression of what’s to come
Stranded by it all, I still look back at them

Walking around them and trying to understand them
I cannot, for their laughter sounds of happiness but their eyes are a glare of pain
Frustrated by their own company, a solemn mood takes over
I want to understand them but I refuse to know why

Everyone has their turn of owing up to what they hide
Everyone has a way of denying to themselves an answer and a way out
Yet it is all just for fun, a distraction, a forgotten day
They all look at each other as though they know one another, clearly they do not
And they are quite similar

I am feeling myself lost again
I do not want to focus on them anymore
They think I owe them something for being there, they think I need to be there
What about me?
What have you done to me that I must stay?

And yet they smile at me as though nothing matters, and nothing is to worry for
I disagree because I am with heart
My heart does not stand and hold another without questioning first
My eyes do not look back unless it is willing to face what stares back at me
My soul does not fight without cause, I’ve carried enough for my soul to handle

It is what it is,
I cannot deny to find what you are searching for
And to think others will have to give
Sadly mistaken, you got to know for yourself

What truth we have to share is often a word unknown
People feel that they can hide behind their “role play” to others
No one knows you better than you
Why do people continue to hide?
No regrets, no shame, no fortitude

And yet they smile so willingly,
Their smiles are expressions of anguish

-Keisha S. Marshall