Oh Lonely Bird

Oh lonely bird where are you flying to?
Your wings are clipped as you brush across the tree
Your beak is torn from such weathered touch
Yet you fly and you do not lose your voice
Singing throughout the air and gracing the face of the sun
Oh lonely bird how are you finding ways to fly high?

Standing on the branch to look out over the world
So larger than you and so distance from you
And you survive just fine when nature holds you in its hand
Oh lonely bird, you are quite brave and you are strong

Seeing all other birds dancing among the clouds
One sees you and flies around you, needing to know your name
And you take your clipped wings and fly away
From every bird and every place
Oh lonely bird why you desert thee?

The growing days of autumn is near
And you are nestling close to the warm leaves of remaining summer
Laying there with your wings spread
To let the fresh breezes cool the tips of your wings
Scorched by the danger of the wind, rain, and the burning sun
Oh lonely bird how do you make it feel new again?
How do you still fly high when your wings are clipped?

Birds of all skies come one at a time
Different yet most beautiful in its own way
Lonely, happy, angry, or sad
The birds are flying high and looking at nature to calm their beings
As they make way through this changing world,
They watch in distant lands and look out over their country
Never to forget that survival is more than a torn wing
It’s the destiny to live and outlive the change within itself

Oh lonely bird your wings are never forgotten
Though the changes of life have torn them completely
You know how to fly and you hold your head so very high

-Keisha S. Marshall

PS I've written these two poems just a few minutes ago. I feel the need to write poetry again because I feel words are quite nurturing. I've written in times of what I will call an era of darkness. Utterly confusion and frustration abound, I sought help through words alone. I feel peace in words and I enjoy poetry because it is a true reflection of self-no matter how terrible the mood or how great the goal. Take heed. Writing is POWER!