Where Has My Desire Gone?
I feel the burning desire
Pouring inside of me
Smiling at me as though I was its mirror
Staring at me and drinking from me

I search for something that will fulfill this desire
It breathes in whisper from the swells my heart
I am only amusing myself quite as this desire takes me
I am its slave, and it has me forever

Such lonely desire mingles among all else
I think about often throughout my days
I often close my eyes to just feel much closer
Yet this desire wants to be all of me
I cannot let desire take over me

We walked this world seeking for such desires
We turned our head when we feel it comes our way
We abandoned it when we gave up on life
We broke our desire when we think there is nothing to give

I will certainly say that desires are what we are
We live in this world based on our driven needs
And we search for our needs to be taken, held, and loved
In all the desires, there is one
We won’t survive without it
Desire of touch

A desire which we feel all our needs are together
A desire in me, I never cease to forget
Yet when we do not want this desire
We go untouched and alone
Abandoned by our own desires

-Keisha Marshall