How many of you spend time to just hush everything around you and even inside of you? Though I am sitting here and listening to  music, I feel this great calmness within me. I think this happens when you tell yourself that no matter what happens in life, you count and how you treat yourself says a lot down the road. I think sometimes we forget to quiet ourselves because we get used to all the noise outside of us that does not filter itself out in the hopeful calming state. Sometimes people hate being silence because the very thoughts tried to be lost by keeping busy and ignoring what has to be done-gets to you. I think quiet times to just listen to music, burn candles, learn to play instruments, or just processing your day are great ways to begin understanding who you are. I think we get lost when we expect to be what we think we ought to be-really it is not the truth to follow. Often we know what we are passionate about within our lives if we are able enough to stay calm enough to feel and acknowledge it.

All the stress that you feel breaking you into pieces only comes from not willing to let go. Often we have to let go, and in this process, we have to silence ourselves. Don't let the very thing that annoy us be the focus of our entire day. Learn to accept and let go. Once you are able to, you will certainly begin to feel this calming state. So I have began listening to music as soon as I come home from work, often love ballads, they are most soothing for me or jazz. Remember I had another tense day again. I found myself not getting upset but I just felt pity for certain people. Never does something needs to be hard as it seems. Sometimes we make bigger mess of things that we should intend to do. I think if I knew how to play the piano, I would come home and play on the piano. Perhaps I need to take some piano lessons. ;) I would play like Brian McKnight (ok I am dreaming). I've uploaded two of some of his greatest songs, but "Still In Love," is very beautiful and relaxing. If you've never heard of the song, you should listen to it.

Interesting how calm I am feeling right now. I do not know to thank Mr. McKnight or learn to accept things for what they are. I have a coworker who says, "It is what it is...I think she has started to use after my supervisor." I must say it is different hearing it from a coworker versus a supervisor. The level of authority is quite different. I also find myself calm when I am editing my photography. ;) Put frames around them-PRESTO! They are all done. Lately I must say that I have not been doing a lot of photography. ;( Instead for my 32nd birthday, I attended this "Rock the Bells," concert-I was not SILENCE to say the least. It was nice to be among people who were enjoying themselves. See silencing in some ways are not bad. WE cannot let what we fear control us, and we cannot let things that we have no control over ruin us.