Today was not a good day for me. I found myself quite bewildered by how people take on responsibilities and do not want to commit to holding on to what they asked for. When I was interacting with this person, I felt that this person asks for a lot. Yet a child does not act appropriately. Same thing done to him and her is returned again by this person. I was like thinking to myself. "Lady, you need to owe up to what you've been begging and pleading for." I think that all these children suffer in this world. Last thing they need to know is that they are not good little children and not appropriate little children. I was completely tired of it. I wanted to up from behind my desk, walk out those doors, to never return again. I do not understand how something so simple because a thunderous ball of confusion and resentment. Now it is near midnight, I am still not fully able to rest. I will think happy things of course to relax myself. It is almost hump day afterall. I am looking forward to the weekend to sleep in and ignore the thoughts of what to be ahead of me. I just think a lot of things are so questionable. The whole time this person was acting out of fear and wanting to not keep the children at all.

All they need is guidance, direction, and someone to show they care. You cannot expect every child to be perfect and the same. Most of these children have come from lives that should not be mentionable and reminded. These children have extreme lost in their life. I felt compelled to embrace them for all they've been through in their young lifetime. Where does it become where something is too much? Why do people accept commitments that they are not able to stick it out? Everyone wants something that they feel is right for them. How many know what is right for them? To stand for a cause is to reach far for this cause. There is no backing out.