I was just thinking of a biblical quote and for those who do not relate to scriptures. Do pardon me. I think there is some truth to this particular quote, "What is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Now when you think about how this should be interpeted, you think of how greed does self destruction to a person and cause him to lose himself in the midst thereof. Owning the whole world does not incorporate his richness but his inability to be fulfilled by inner sacrifice and peace. He wants to gain the whole world, and lose himself for the price of obtaining this world. You know how some people go about to find things that has nothing to do with them. Yet they find it important enough to risks a lot including their life to even have part of it if not the entire aspect of it. Now the scripture could mean in a spirtual sense that you are losing what is to be valued more than the possessions and worldly treasures. Yourself is more enough as a treasure. I just thought of this when I was reading Jonathan's blog-The Problem behind Problems. We live in a world that we fill owning everything gives some misconception of being valuable. We are not content enough to live without luxurious material things or being overly lavish on thing that brings temporary happiness. Why do we need everything then to be lost to ourselves the most at the end? I think this is learned ways of seeing the world. What I see, I must go after. It somehow will dictate if I am worthless or not. It will somehow tell me that I am good or bad. It somehow will make me feel like a person than an animal. I won't seek refuge to everything that I can have, and even if it means me destroying myself to get it.

Now this is not to say that you cannot have goals to be successful, but how high you set those goals and if they are as realistic to not destroy who you are to yourself, people, and the society is to what makes a difference of you in this world. I just think that the less we think on being possessive of everything, the better off we will be. Metaphorically "to lose one soul," is to say that you've lost the true meaning of living a life. It does not define you at all.

The old saying goes, the more you earn, the more paying back you have to do. End results, you earn less than expected. Unless you value your self-respect and learn to be humble. Then you owe nothing in return.