Well for you folks out there who did not know today was my birthday. It is! I have one hour left of it. I must say that birthdays feel great. Everyone gets preoccupied by the age but I get preoccupied by the time here and enjoying what I look forward to doing. I had a few happy birthday wishes. I even got a text from my younger brother from my home state. It felt wonderful to wake up and open my eyes, and birthdays for me feel special. Even if you do not go and paint the town red, you are alive and breathing. Your eyes are able to play with pretty things that you see in front of you. So I feel blessed. At my workplace, we have this ritual where the person who has a birthday will get their whole work space decorated with banners and balloons. Now it is to be expected. I walked into the door and saw all the colorful balloons adorn around my desk, on the walls, etc. Everyone wished me a happy birthday as they walked into the room with the exception of one rubbish person. I must also state that I even had someone to write to me from another country, singing Happy BIrthday to me. All these wonderful acts out of respect and consideration are good but I am still happy if no one said a word. I was raised to respect what life gives you and to not expect someone to owe it back. We really are living our own lives. Everything else is just playing its part.

Be good to you. ;)