I just felt another quick earthquake as I was laying on my tummy and approaching to do some photography editing. It was sharp and quick. I feel nervous that California might be in for a serious earthquake. Apparently this earthquake struck us again around 6: 27 pm at a 3.0 magnitude. Prior this morning at 11:46 am I think of a 2.8 magnitude. I did not feel this one. ;(  Twice within one day, I hope nothing major happens. The earth is moving and soon I will be next door to you reading. I should not joke during such matter. It is just only my lighthearted humor pouring out. I am trying to be positive. This is not good. Usually we feel them every so often this is too frequent. I think I better play some music to come my nerve.


Update, Northern California had the shock at 6:36 pm of 2.6 magnitude. Maybe an aftershock from the Southern Cal quake.

8.3.08: Northern California had a quake this morning of 2.9 magnitude. I am surprised we people below did not feel it. I am glad of it. I need to stop checking this Ask.com business. *sigh*