You never know what you will wait up to experience or perhaps you've known all along-this unsettling stir of mystery succumb around your being. A lot of what we want to put into theory cannot be put into words. The more we want to control by words, the less we clearly understand. I think that we want to find ways to understand everything. Life is a blessing. Sometimes we forget this. We wake up to start a new day. We can stop and say I don't have to be a part of this today. Really you do not.

The choices that we can make is something of access to many of us. This is a blessing. No one controls you and you don't control anyone. I think that we feel more blessed when it is visible shown through action than just the mere feeling of it. We live on feedback. Feedback loops, feedback circles, feedback paths, and everything else feedback to justify something to us that we must find validation. Without validation, we do not know what we are doing or sure about what we are doing. It is ok to feel like a newborn because most of our experiences are births to new experiences. We are quick to react to new situations because it disrupts our norm. Our usual way of dealing with anything in whole to do with our life and how to make accurate choices about it. I surely say that many of us need to step out of the comfort zone and be free to new things. It is pure enlightenment.

We don't learn from staying within without stepping out. I think life is a blessing to just do things that you've never done before. If you worried about the person next to you might think, you have allowed yourself to again seek validation by possible thoughts of another's perception, and holding yourself back to a new birth. I think I am trying to find ways to get out of routine. This is not to say that routines is something not needed. We need structure. I just need to seek for more things I envision myself doing and enjoying myself. Life is only one. And  one is only time enough for fulfillment and happiness. Predictable not quite, life throws curve balls and stumbling blocks. We overcome them. And you have to be good to yourself first to know the difference of how life can be a blessing to you. Take it to the Sky as Earth, Wind, and Fire says.