Today I experienced with my coworkers as we were casually talking around noon time in our agency. Out of nowhere there was this strong motion almost like tickle you until it is jerking you side to side. My coworkers ran to stand in the entrance of the doorway before we evacuated to go outside. The epicenter of the quake started in Chino Hills and Pomona region. They say that it started mostly around the LA region. Coworker told me that people in Las Vegas felt it. It was certainly the first time I felt such a strong pull. I was standing outside and thought the ground was still shaking. Usually I felt them while I was sleeping and waking up from the motion. You have to understand that earthquakes is still very new from me. Where I am from-we are only concerned of flash floods, tornadoes, or severe thunderstorms. The magnitude was recorded as 5.4. They say that California lies among the fault line between two continental plates rubbing against each other. Now it is paved across the headlines of AOL that Californians were shook up. I was I must admit. I was like what the **** is going on. I said that this is clearly an excuse to go home quite early. I felt in crisis. My coworkers instantly got on the phone if they could. The services was down on their mobile phones to call family members. One of my coworkers has a sister who works downtown LA and was on the 11th floor where it was a strong tremor. It is reported to me that her sister's eyes and her client as well grew as they stared at each other. To me, I think you see one person do it, it is an automatic response. I have done that with people. Wow what a day! I hope this is not a setup for a new one to hit sometimes later tonight or a few days from now.

For those across the universe if you've heard of our earthquake today, what is being told?

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