I hear everything now
It wants to call me in and shake me constantly
I am willing to show the self and let my vulnerability escape me
And yet I will still sing out loud that life is never empty

Full of sounds pacing around my ear, the entire being
Feeling every emotion take her completely
Yet I am not without understanding, I am strong and self-sufficient
I fear and then I use the fear to make me push harder
Cause the fear wants to be in control, and I won’t let it

I got a hunch inside that some day something will be my realization
Something I’ve tried to figure out many nights and years before
That some things  you think you have control over, it is not yours to control
Let be to live in one’s life is to never see anything for granted
Our destiny holds all truths and even if it is a truth that seems like worse news
WE must feel fortunate to know

Living in yourself and never living outside of
Takes you time and time away from what the world has to offer
Yet I can close my eyes and let go for just a moment
And just feel

To numb the self is like saying you have no room to be
To take what is existing among you and making it all worthwhile
And shutting off our experiences,  our smile at something funny
And our frown at something scary
Is all reactions to something that makes us human

And I will let go because letting go is setting your life in control
I know that instinct will drive me, but one cannot let fear be in the passenger seat
Yet does fear need to be an enemy or a reminder that you got to live
Live for everything because our tomorrow are like chances

The chance that you will think you will have
And the chance that you might never feel you will get


As always I say to others as I often say to myself, Be good to you. In this world, we are often facing with sacrifices as well as struggles, never lose the person within. Situations change us as much as we let the situation controls us. Often than not, I think we are all our biggest sacrifice to each other. We learn from our communication and we learn from each other’s experiences. With this, life is great. Even all misery will make the next person be thankful, and not to be thankful cause one is unfamiliar and virgin to it. To be thankful that you have been exposed and know what it is like from another. We know that all situations are not to always looked upon as something worth happening or even to say it was reason, some things are unimaginable. Yet it is reality. I posted a headline on site that reads, “Keisha is thinking that when you feel the impossible cannot happen somehow it makes itself a reality.” So never say it will not happen. Cause life somehow is chance. Even saying this is like looking behind a curtain and yet being exposed through the curtain. With all this rationality to feel what we think life should be, what if there is a destine plan that rules out all of our theoretical perceptions. The way of life is just to accept things and not take anything for granted. Time is precious and nothing is always measurable.

I know that I am someone who is a thinker but I am just someone likes to be enlightened.  I feel the knowledge of knowing is not always the best at times. Even the saying, “Ignorant is bliss.” Is it really? We are ignorant whether we are exposed or not, and one inability to understand how to deal with it. We are set to believe upon presumptions, and presumptions are ignorant beliefs. There is no truth in them. Yet it comforts our mind and how we view the situation because we do not know. Once truth is told, we are ready to run sometimes, or lose interest of what this truth has to offer. You know I’ve always said to wonder is to cross over and to believe is to cover. We sacrifice as a way to protect.

Just some thoughts for tonight.