Though I am very tired at the moment, I was listening to a TV program called Colbert Report. The host is a satirical, sarcastic host who peaks the interest of viewers on philosophical and political debate. His guest, Deepak Chopra, spoke on a philosophical issue around life after death. In fact he has written a book entitled "Life After Death: The Burden of Proof." I missed the earlier segments of the previous interaction between the host and Chopra. The interesting argument…"the nervous system is no longer in an existence once a person dies. You are not the nervous system. The nervous system is of itself an entity of the body." The host responded, "So I do not go to a higher place with a gate and an old man waiting." Chopra responded, "If you upgrade the illusion." The host stated, "What about the concept of hell?" Chopra responded, "It is the downgrade of an illusion. If one is not discontent, one is able to reach a higher existence."

I started thinking that this philosophical argument states that we are mere entities of one another in this universe. What we see are not an actuality but a part of what we are able to make sense through our nervous system. Somehow I want to think that what we see is true vision and not an illusion. However it does not undermine man's ability to hallucinate or pretend to view something. I think that there is a bigger picture in this world with a bigger question that no conscious mind can conceive a definite answer about who we are and what we are to this evolution of human beings, animal species, and plant life. Though scientists view the issue of matters and atoms in the universe that we are a form of energy from matter, it does not clearly explain the progression to where we are in this moment of life. I think that all species have evolved for a reason. How we are conscious of one another and communicate is a form of this higher form that we have no explainable reasons. We can all conjugate possibilities out there but there is no definite answer to what or who we are from the creation of this universe. Then the question I begin to wonder, "What are we doing here with the complexities of our bodies and our reproduction to give life in this cycle of transcending form of gifts to the world?"
Because I found this philosophy interesting for Chopra, I am going to invest in his book to read what he truly believes in regards to life after death. I am sure that he believes that we go back in the form of which we were brought into this world. Our mind completely shuts off any awareness of consciousness to communicate to the world. We do not have anything to argue for or against since those who have left us-never returned with the answers. However I am sure that spirituality is a bigger picture to those who believe in the faith and higher power control in this universe. Those who do not believe in a higher force could have thoughts about our levels of consciousness versus illusions. When I think of an illusion, I think of something truly not there. A figurative of the mind finding edges and lights to formulate some form of pictures and understandings to make it through the day is one of my ideas of an illusion. If you are sitting across from me, you die before my eyes. Is this a form of illusion or not? Then the argument could be deeper in the respects that death could be an illusion as much as life is an illusion. We are beings that move about in this world through the influences of one another on the estimate to survive at the fittest. You know-Darwin have it wrong about the survival of fittest or did he feel it was an illusion when he decided to see how species continue to survive due to their adaptation to the environment?
I could sound very off key in this argument. Death could only be an illusion to give us a sense of completing our end of a journey from life. Life could be an illusion that we are living what we think is an actuality of our every existence. Breathing means nothing to us because it is our consciousness doing all the power work while we are only its vessel. Somewhere I do not believe that we are illusions. When I look into your eyes, I am seeing into your eyes. The power to see is the gift not a curse for us to have with one another. If it is an illusion, it is a real good illusion. What about those who are blind, they have no ability to see. However illusion must means more than just the ability to have vision but the ability to comprehend, feel, mobile, hear, and even FEAR. I think sometimes cultural influences façade on our ideas about what we consider life after death to mean for us with the influences of spirituality. I did not hear Chopra mention anything about spirituality only the fact that the vision of after life is an illusion. What we convince ourselves to be; we become our own senses of illusion throughout our life even to our death. Doesn't it almost seem like life is meaningless if we are only aspects of an illusion. The idea of thinking and feeling is no more real than the ability to realize a touch of someone's hand or the very thought of a Thank You. It is only mere illusions that we do not belong to anything that transgress us to other means of conceptualization and reality.
I personally think that life and death is not an illusion. Our bodies go through changes for a reason that we are who we are due to the evolution of life itself or if you please a sense of energy forming to give new meaning to this world. It is beyond our cognition to understand how we formulated throughout these entire centuries-whether you want to believe from a monkey or a particle floating among the air that experimented with a drop of water. What we make in our existence means more than the precognitions of where we are at the end of all this. If we begin to see life only as an illusion, we are not truly living our lives. The idea to say that we are not seeing what we are actually seeing with our eyes-is a hard pill to swallow. If what I am seeing as I type is an illusion, what is triggering me to see what I am seeing? Does the nervous system have channeling transmitters igniting at the tips a sort of television circular for my mere entertainment purposes?

What is the illusion to life after death? Chopra believes that he has the "tell all" secrets to this travel seeking twist of our life and the end of our life. If you are reading this, are you a form of your own illusion? Chopra seems to view the Nervous system as a powerful source to who we are and our communication in this world. Without it, we are completely dead. I am assuming from listening to his statements on Colbert Report. It is like we go out of existence yet illusion still evolves itself into something-whether through other beings or to the perception of how death affects us overall. I still think that fear tends to make us run faster with ideas in our hands than to stand there in time and face the changes of life with the world.