anywhere goes i shall follow
blowing by the wind
ironing out my face against the hand
i am withering before thee
i am lost without the guide

going through the darkness
generating the emotions coming at me
obliging not obliging to ignore the hole its build
escaping a moment to breathe
i am abundantly scattered
covering the dampness of time with the echo in my mind

ignoring faces walking by
their clouded dark eyes hidden behind the color mole
encircling the pattern of their smile and pressing it upside down
mode it up quickly friend, "you're obviously late"
thinking there is a way outside thinking their a hazard await
i am washing my hands in the filthy streets
water muttered with the footprints of wanderers

lighting the tunnel that I see ahead
firing red orange emblem noised up the pupil completely shut
getting to know silence more like a deserted lover
begging for it to behold me and not forget thee
shuddered quite-tunnel vanishes
i am shifting my coat over my head-see pouring rain afar
and challenges are brought like a greeting-"I welcome you to your disadvantage and turn you to your desire."

going to be a long haul now
my chess swollen into a huge lump before me
hilling across what is kept inside-and hoping the home shall never be without
troubling it to grow further so I can lean and fly away
purposely turning upside down so I can look down at misfortune
i am chasing a lie, a memory, an afterthought, a section of my being-fortitude of transgression
laughing without a sound –makes the eyes spread with paranoia

destiny is your breaking bridge
sharing the lesson to be yourself regardless of your coat
this hope walks many roads, and crosses many bridges
it is your light and it is your darkness
don't be
ask yourself
to be happy

keisha s. m.