I had this dream where there was something going on but I cannot remember the circumstance.  The main particular point of the dream had me standing this near this very large pool. I was attracted to the color of the water and I stood there wondering how deep it was, and being afraid to be standing on the edge. As I kept watching and thinking, the water started to drain itself in the pool. And then I started to see how deep this pool was. I kept having fear of falling in even if it was draining itself. So I remember trying to take a step back, and I don't remember anything afterwards.

Interpretations are welcomed. I have always been attracted to dreams and symbolism of certain aspects in the dream. They say the mind tries to reason for you while you're sleeping. What is happening in your day, is trying to be resolved at night in the sleep stages. I do wonder why there are no other figures other than Freud studying the mystery of dreams. Why do we have them?

Someone yesterday gave me a good insight of my dream. He thought it was very positive and interesting.


I interpet this dream to mean that it could be several things: 1) I am completely draining *this is a true reality*, 2) I am trying to not get drowned by something of nothing of importance, 3) I am fearing that I am losing what is better for me than not, and I am conscious of it, 4) I NEED A VACATION, and 5) I am just still searching. Like wiping the slate clean and starting all over again. This time the sort of consciousness like an invisible hand and feeling the push of its hand, I held on to the pushing forward and somehow this sense of plunging into it, as not so much a happiness but a conscious awakening. Cause to hit the bottom and thinking water would support, is a nightmare.

Dreams can mean anything, and I guess it is all how we interpret and believe in them. Like I get serious about my dreams, some are nonsense and the mind speaking jibberish in my sleep with some displayed museum of pictures. Other times, my heart is more awake than my mind. I heed to it. The mind vs. heart is often a peculiar co-existence both completely dependent on each other. Are we more rational to believe in our heart than our mind when they are one of the same-they just have different functions for the body? We still think with our heart as we do with our minds.

And dreams are often filled with emotions. And every thought has a feeling sometimes we repressed the heart from dealing with the thoughts-keeps us at ease. Like last night, I did not remember my dream. Lately I have not been remembering my dreams. When I was younger, I would dream serious and intense dreams where I was always harmed and often never safe. Something in my reality was telling my subconscious that you need to find a way to help her and make her feel safe. Sometimes you got to find things inside you to comfort you because not everyone has the advice or answer to somehow just pretend to say "magically save you." I remember having dreams of someone shooting me and I felt the bullet. I remember my eyes flying open and forehead pouring in sweat. If somehow this ever becomes a premonition, God so help me.

Perhaps I am making something big out of nothing. I should just go in peace and expect anything any more or less than just be me. From time to time if I have crazy dreams or ones to just share to enlighten. I shall. ;)