I changed my profile layout a bit. I hope it does not give anyone problems viewing it. I notice for me it flashes my layout background before the ipernity profile pops up. Let me know then I will have to result to other measures.

My today was ok. I found myself with my supervisor until 8 pm doing work. It is amazing how much work goes into doing something for the better good of another person. I reflected on this while I was surping on my minestrone soup. Supposedly organic soup too. Very good. I can chew a little bit but vegetables must be very soft. I think that my teeth are adjusting to something on top of it. I love to write but I find no energy to write these days. I think I will push myself forward so I can get used to writing and also painting. I plan to display my art someday in my house. So I can smile at each one with braces off. hahaha. We shall see.

Happy day to all.
Now it time for me to sleep.