Functioning entirely within the smile,
Lifting dimmed eyes to the sun grazing your brow

It's another day, It's another moment

Looking through the sky for the clouds to follow the land
And looking at your hands for the fingers to spread across your shirt
Functioning kind of close to your heart, your happiness is developing
Wings fall from the bird and land to your shoulder

It's another day, It's another moment

Remembering how to be you despite all else is the strength
No false lingering taping your mouth shut and your eye blind
Be like the wind that turns your clothes tightly around you
Enjoy what life presents to you regardless of your day

It is going to be a moment that it will be always a lesson

Functioning to bring in the passions that fold underneath your feet
And dust itself at your door of your mind
The everlasting choice to preside, and weary in the embellishment of growth
Nothing to ever regret, nothing to ever roll over from challenges

We all have to agree that our lines are always across our mind

It is going to be quiet now
Because the moments have been all left behind
Got your tomorrow and you got it in your hand
Every dove captures the touch, every Koi lives among the pool

Tolerate what you must and give yourself a pocket of dignity

Smile when you feel unchanged
Cry when you feel renewed
Allow your body to shell itself into different segments
Then bring the fixtures to be a part of you
Never doubt that the functioning is real
Go in and pull out-



-Keisha S. M.