this time for good
rolling around in the camera eye
searching for her soul within

taking the great deals to mean effort
I lay ahead of my own game
Peering through the minds of many
Contemplating this role rehearsal once more

I am struck

I take my time
I am going to be good, and not going to let the lens burn
No film no lies
nothing for granted, and I hold what is true so near
Near that I lose moments instead of photographs

Going to be a short trip up there
With hands open wide across the face
Eyes growing brown to black, and feeling the day grow damp
Someone forgot to say, "Hi what a beautiful day."
Someone forgot to do, "I am going to make you feel…"
Someone forgot to remind, "You don't need to rely on words to make you happy."
And my response, "Oh yeah, you just got to know from the heart."

Everything I got struck with today
Sits on my forehead and flash through the eyes
I got something to say, and you don't even have to listen
But we all got something to be proud of, and we all have a reason to laugh
If you choose, it is fine, and if you don't, that's fine too
You live with yourself more than others live for you

Imagine that

I am struck

-Poetry by Yours Truly-Keisha S. M.