Quite funny that one would need to actually upload a document that has the colored background to fully lay across your entire page. I was hoping that this Ipernity world would indeed allow for this process. It seems one would need to be genius to construct the right picture and color in mind. It is like web designing with most of your help! hah. I think perhaps once I have the time, I will do so. Like I currently like the color of my background so if I can construct a flat image of this color. Perfect, and any kind of web designing, even more perfect.

I just think it is funny. There are layouts for other sites but not Ipernity yet. Yo Lea we need another request. Hah! I commented to her already in these regards. It has its improvement in regards to your ability to use your own photographs as backgrounds. I am not so impressed with still the top and bottom template cannot be ignored. Maybe I should become a web designer. Anyone wants to hire me. I wonder if they get paid very well. ;) I've been suggested by others to consider this as an occupation. Still it is a hard and required job of creativity along with patience.

I like to create things that pop from the page. I am just thinking before I go to bed. Oh you can even change your background color here. Let's try this!  LOL.