Let It Be
You let off a sound when you are not able to speak
It falls to the floor, and you fall quickly to pick it up
Loosening the ropes around your hands

Let It Be
Life seems to surp you up before you let it get you wet
Looking to find meaning from others, self is often without reflection
A face appears out of nowhere, once you've began to not doubt
An illusion
Some may think

Let It Be
Often times we fight with ourselves and greet someone else
Living a double life to hold sake
Often disadvantage for both, yet the other knows no more of you
Yet we stare

Let It Be
Something will always cause you to look the other way
You're wanting to beat it, you're wanting to kiss it
Kiss of your own sentiments never forsaken or lost
Learning to be with the world around you
So many empty streets with left life stories
Reading off itself in the wind

Until you have met that eye, you have not known
People's lives are often worth knowing
Interwoven to have endless chapters
Yet we forget how to read, we don't know even begin to know
Unfamiliar, we restrain
Disconnected, we leave unplugged
Distant, we create barrier

Let It Be
Sometimes life is not for us to wonder, but us to be kind
And in knowing self of care, kindness is sync to our heart
No matter what the futile prosperity has to hold
This life you own is often a blessing, someone may forget
But how will you?

by Keisha S. Marshall

-I just freestyled this poem. First I've written in quite some time, Perhaps I should go back but I feel a block. I've used poetry as a way to escape and to understand myself. As they say, no one knows you better than you. This is the truth. You can spend your life being a lie to others, but it is often hard to lie to yourself. So with everything you do, make it is a life chore, to just be. No pretending, no carrying on as though it was not. Life is much fulfilling when you take as get and not expect more. The more you greed for it, you will have hard time to deprive self of.