Alive I am
This moment wont last, shaken like the last breath I take
Swollen from the circle I draw with finger press hardly in the ground
Taken astride to greater band of time

Alive I am
They come to rescue you before you say one word
Thinking to hold you against their heads
With all the noise needing to be fix

Alive I am
I shake the early dust from my eyes
Looking at the clouds holding back the sun all day
Going to be hard to ignore it rays, like a paper of a black circle

Where does this take me Alive I am?
Questioning so much inside my head
I do believe that such thinking brings truth
I do believe that such feelings brings you reason

Alive I am
Come one, two, three into the way of my presence
You've all been here before
And know what it is like to ignore

Alive I am
I set aside my face inside the cracked of the door
As faces walk by to never see one eye of mines upon them
And they go walking yet Alive to their own worries

No looking back, No stepping forward, No moving between
And it goes on Sideways
Alive I am, amused by their sound as their thoughts fall out
Before me to pick up and shake around in my hand

Alive I am
I know not of any less or more
This time has come to listen, shout, and silence
Got a way to resist, Got a way to resign, Got a way to beyond

Your ear is painted on my face
Your heart is branded on my leg
Your lips is pressed on my hand
Your eyes is implanted on my chin

Alive and functioning

-keisha s. m.