Where is it when I saw yesterday?
The thump of my eye turning the corner at the sound of the light
Creeping past my curtains and into my eye
Where is it now?

I am chanting again and don't even know why
Someone walked past me and thought they saw a flash
Dawned to beat it down, Dawned to make love to it
It pulled back when I turned my head around

Where is it when I knew you'd say?
"Oh why do you care when you choose to berate me?"
I entered your life with spoons and pans
I choked on my words when you open your hand
At me
Where are you now?

Where is it when I fall asleep?
I am twisting and turning of the thought of a familiar face
Touching me at every angle and inch of my skin
Folding a finger across my open lips
Perched to shove it down my throat.
A dream it seem reality it searches as I sleep.

I am again listless don't dare come near, I got no place to go. I choke.
No words just my inner glow while I sit with my eyes closed.

Where is it when I spread my hair?
Judging its kinky curl and unfit to its modernistic plan
Boding across my eyes and out towards the sky
She pulls the curl down and he lifts it away
What do I do now when you have reconstructed me?
I am becoming YOU
Well why don't you find yourself and stop changing me?

All over again I bend to the floor to look at the carpet
And it ravels too tight where is it now
I am so stupid. Burns so ever slightly in my chest now
As I lie on it like my second bed
Much colder now I dare say Much more YOU
Don't bring me comfort when I want Peace Don't bring me Shame when I want YOU

Where is it when I never speak?
They think they've found the greatest hero to ever smile
She so listless now So weak So human So inevitable YOU
And she knows you like you've place your birthmark upon her soul
Taunting her like you have Control
(She chuckles) consume me like no other
And choke on everything I've got to give

Where is it when you've been inside me?
You unravel the pictures on the wall of my memory
You throw the bucket of tears swelling at the bottom of my heart
You let go of the dove drowning in my throat
I call to you and you walk back into my gut
Stepping on me harder and grabbing to taunt me
Shallow and quiet now

Where is it when you let go?

-keisha s. m.