Casting Away Again

Cast me away like the old can of opened soup
I am without the simplicity of my mind, I want to be free
Every moment of its hour bring me to one idea
Cast me away again

I only heard that the mans greatest enemy is self
And his fear is the birth child of his disorder
Yet the cast away of grievances of indignation fortify its pain
If only life was as simple as you and me, cast away would be a glimpse

Yearning for the order to become more than its particle
Raising an eye to a child who never sees a way in the cold old world
Blinded by the presumptions of mankind rendering its force of freedom
Freedom is buried once youve become a cast away of your own sanity

And I lay down to laugh at the cynicism giving abortions to lifeless souls
Hit again and run faster this time
Else the moments you prepare for you become someone elses
Cast me away again I say

Look for me deeper; look for me when I look at you
I am only a portion of what this world reproduces to bring life for human beings
I captivate the silence of his heart and pull the loudness of his voice
Screaming at the man who forgot to say I love you
Cast him away then she smiled at the light around his eyes

Every man got its place to hide; every man got its hole to keep
Shattered by its way as he or she comes forth to bring meaning
Cast away so many times that the wind does not even blow
Your wind stays still while you glide to forever of lost gains
And they say, you got to make best of what you have

I respond, You got to make best of what you arent,
For your shattered self holds more meaning than the false self pretends to know,
And if ever the truth were to be told
Casting away would only be activities to those who move their own ground,
And never be told of own personal self-punishment
That indeed casting away preserved their mobile bodies but burned their dream

-written by Keisha S. Marshall