Quit Avoiding Me


I walk behind you closely
I can almost smell you then I closed my eyes again
You disappeared as I opened them
The scent lingers in the air

I am walking alone in the darkness
I seek for the light and understanding from my experience
They flash like bulbs one by one along the hour of my day
I try to forget them, and they beg me to think of them

I am standing farther now
I thought I saw you, you’re too far ahead
I cannot see beyond the thick fog that settles around my space
It clouds everything and I wonder what I have eyes for to see
It is going to take longer again, I feel.
So much longer than I will ever try to understand.

I turn my head to hear a sound, not a horn blasting off my head
Not a buzz from wings near my ear, a radiating heartbeat
The sound grows louder as I walk nearer to the path I followed you
Don’t desert me now when the pressure is too heavy to bear
I need to feel like I know what you are all about

Closed my eyes once more,
I don’t say a word
The you that I have followed is only the me that I seek to capture
Everything is growing within but it still only seeks outside of me
I won’t avoid.
It’s you that you must learn to hold closer to.


Poetry by Keisha Marshall