Captured moments of my writing in the year of 2006.*

Time Knows No Meaning

You're living inside yourself
You're wondering about what the outside feels like
It is time to release your soul
And let meaning be your capture

You're being something different
Challenges that create further chaos
Madness of time thumping at your mind
And you feel it means you have no sense of happiness

All an imagination that shakes upside down
Inside a large glass of ice with the sun beaming down
To create an illusion around the rim while water trickle
Slowly in seconds, minutes, or hours before
The reminder that the meaning is to not be wasted

Turning like an abyss within the cave of your swollen heart
Breathing down the tune of your bitter woes
Always a place to close your eyes, Always a place to reopen
You're alive and Time stand for you to shove it aside
The meaning is your pretenses of a tomorrow

Actuality of time, it knows no meaning
It comes and takes you then it drops you in your place
Where it may be or what that world is like around you
You got to bear and grip it hard
Cause it is not standing still, and it is not rushing to be with you

Little control of what happens in the reality of time
Is not one's falter to forget and think for it like a wish?
The meaning is to know what time does
And how time develop into this endless canvas
Stretching above your head and across your face down to your eyes and out of your mouth
Time does not define you
Yet your meaning says it all-

*Understand what your day means for you without you feeling like time-make the difference of what you become and what you do for another human being. The concept of time has placed this face of clocks, tick tocks, and movements of hands, but one fail to realize that it is only a measure of you doing your day with pleasure. Time schedules us to be on our best efforts and completes our daily survival. In that sense of time, you have a story to capture, and you have a life to live.