I linger around the silence of my thought
And I am captured by the sudden awake of perception
Yet I wished that I could change it all
Never for one to be mistaken in her personal value

I am controlled, and I live life with its hand on my back
As I am pushed forward, I see some vision
A place unknown to me and very far to see
And if you challenge inward it takes you to peace, shalome I say

And I am obligated to the self I am at the moment
For no one knows of greater self than thou
And I want to bear it without any fuss
So quietly and so calm
I whisper again, and I hear no answer

So dark the puddle becomes once you lean closer to it
And it grows with you when I think it is moving towards me
I can smile for I never laugh for its reflection tells me to pace
Pace back and back, round and round
I am silent again

What is there to say in mind that grows on its own?
And one fortune lost of a mistake and falter the life of self
Too crazy to pick up your pieces, too crazy to be yourself
And I quietly bow my head

Never to remove my prosperity, transgression, or fear
For it strengthens me, and it shows no sides but the face after an answer

-Keisha Marshall