I am holding on to the ends of my mind
And the day stirs up more contemplations than complications
I wonder about in the thoughts like a second person
Taking birth and taking steps into this realm of reality
I often close my eyes to listen
Then again I often leave them open to be flooded by colors
Moving about across my eyes into my mind it hugs tightly
Yet I am holding on

So many moves about in this world,
And it all doesn't make sense at times
Everyone got their way to control something else weaker or stronger
And making it more problematic than simple
Yet they hold on as if there was not anything left of them

Longer and Longer, I am thinking
So many people stirring the emotions and bringing my face from behind reality
And I try to hide what is there but it is for the better care
Than the deceiving of another who is walking blind
Got a hand open and staring up to the sky
It carries life line and it carries the sanity of my being
I can comfort, hold, and embrace then it can produce the birth of touch
Never endless of my mind when I know I am doing for the good

Good Will of mankind as Humanistic philosophers surrender
The will of man to be humble, vulnerable, and honest with self
Begin to learn what the next person is about and how to survive in their life
Never fighting their reality but holding on to their world
Without any fear-Without any dimensions of regret
Completely Love
Completely Try
Completely Just

Even when the day seems like your eyes are shut,
They are open wide with shields to protect the heart and mind
-Keisha Marshall