The aspect to understand the better head or heart comes from knowing yourself completely. Even if you feel that you have a better mind than a heart, your mind may lead you to better decisions about your daily circumstances. Yet the mind is not single from the heart. Your mind picks up what your heart is feeling as well. Though it is easier to focus on your mind and ignore the heart, your emotions are processed faster than your perceptions on something. So if your heart is better than your mind, you will often feel what is closer to you that you will try to do your best at understanding. Understanding is imperative! Yet the heart does not ignore what the mind is cueing and processing in the meanwhile.

Marilyn vos Savant gave an interesting concept about what to choose than the choice for both. It appears slightly black and white but we tend to choose between two things. Either I follow my heart and ignore my mind's contemplations to change the way I feel, or I follow my mind and be a cold heartless person or emotionless. It is good to share both but our heart and mind is not always at the best in times. The challenges often pull us to feel more towards the heart, and sometimes the challenges create better aspects for our lives. There is not any distinction to lead you out of anything that causes you pain, heartache, confusion, frustration, broken, mindless, and all the rest of the adjectives.

So how does she say to decide do you have a better mind or heart? Perhaps there is a hidden note in where she thinks-you cannot choose between two things that are considered a whole. Like the mind-body "duality" relationship, the wholeness is derived from the body (heart) and also the function of it (the brain). We can continue to decide and feel but we are ultimately doing both things at one time. I cannot tell you that I feel torn between my feelings because my mind tells me that I need to choose what I really want (for example). In reverse, I feel out of control because I cannot decide how I feel about what is important to me and my HEART. Even our statements cannot be without the choice of the mind and heart. Because we often feel what we think anyhow and we think about how we are feeling simultaneously. So how do you have a better mind or better heart? It cannot function properly without the other because it is a uniformity of what we are to ourselves to make the difference in our indecisive moments.

I know that the idea is that a "man can have a foolish heart if he or she does not know the wisest decision." Like we do foolish things when we love someone, we do foolish things when we think we are doing things for the best for us, we do foolish thing when we do not know what to do and our feelings become the best of us. We do foolish things even if our heart has the best intentions. We do foolish things because we are humans and capable of mistakes. We choose because we think we know we feel what we hold true for us. So this whole philosophical aspect of the better mind vs. the better heart brings people to the stand point to simply choose. You cannot dissect the two things that whole you together to make you who you are in this world. I say to never ignore your feelings and I say never ignore what you think. You should take both things and really reflect on how they (heart and mind) influence you in any direction for the best or worse. Does your choice dictate what kind of heart you have in this world? A choice not taken is the worse made than the choice taken and then failed.

Life has subtleties where you feel what you often think the most.  The more you think you tend to feel it even more. Is it the mind psyche playing on the emotional entrapment of your body?  The heart can take you places that your mind would never even begin to drag you from it. As the mind can make you behave in ordinances that creates you into a different person. The choice always remains at the end of the day-my better mind and better heart are because I accepted both. I accept them in perfect harmony, and as a team to balance what I am about in this world. Why would you ever want to choose between the two? How could you when it does it without your choice?