this dream is no fantasy
Gots me churning inside like a merry-go-round
And only thing I am so ready for the ride

Some things don't become
Without you finding ways to make them
And the average mind got the tools

Something making me squint my eyes
Some light of my day pass me by
Driving the treacherous freeways
In the like of man

I feel so humble right now
And my heart beat fasters as I think of it
To know someone is out there with the same beat

That words get us in trouble and out of it
And the gift we have to speak says too much
Ironic isnt it, Iamquitesure

Being yourself comes with a price to your skin
And the more you unveil the vulnerable you are
Unless your protection is to wear it without fear

How do we want the things that not right for us,
And ignore the things that are good for us?
To beat our soul like it did something bad-for some body desire

A leap of faith is promising than a fall of despair
Cause you got a ladder to climb and a window to open
Despair throws you out that window and break your ladder

Some things are never the same,
Like when you seek the ear of another
And spill your thoughts like forever in 3 minutes
Rationale behind it to feel someone going to know you

I swear Igottatellya
Never forget what you're about
Cause the sooner you do, the more the chaos is going to haunt you
And out of desperation you'll result to foolishness

Then no way out, Igottatellya
But making what is real for you
And staying true to what tells
Inside you

-keisha s. m.