what does life really mean for some people-is it ever that simple to explain? i take it that the void to face the truth is evitable enough to make it a perfect reality. yet i seek something much more than simplicity for simplicity is the goodness. why are some people not comfortable with simplicity? just a plain regular old jane or joe. all the fancy smancy prettied in a tight bow, and hide the simplicity of endeavors within. why don't those who do it, reverse it inside-out? to live a simple life in a chaotic world, is not normal. would you think? for we encounter so many different pictures and thoughts on a daily basis, and as i watched a man and assumed his wife pushed their unstarted car so another man could give them a lift. i was peering through the eyes of help, and simplicity was to help her husband. simplicity for the guy to give them a cable jump to start their car so they can be on their way.
   what if it had not been so simplistic? what if the same security truck who went around them, would have kept going around them? and they would have no simplistic solution other than to seek the one who looks the most helpful. even though we may live in a chaotic society. there is still hope and goodness within simplicity. so it is ok to be ordinary, and go through ordinary problems. it is who we are in the first place until we feel the need to bury our true self in the midst of ever being found by others.
        not being home on christmas with family is not simplistic for me for i have done it for 6 years, and yet i missed them which is simplistic. it is normal and yet gratifying to know your other part who created you is nowhere in sight and you cannot go to them with your thoughts or questions to hear their wisdom. for those who have family or friends, seek them for the right reasons and not because of jolly saint nick time. the reason of the season is simplistic not to give but to joy what the one has bestown upon us. in regards to choices, we have the simplistic views to argue or not argue for something. it is not simplistic to go against your  heart, or sink below something you truly feel will empower you. for those who reaches out is simplistic, simplistic to one who does the helping and not always getting the receive.
      my daddie used to tell me anytime i felt down or upset about something-"don't let your heart be troubled, don't ever be afraid" is simplistic and natural from a father's concern for his daughter's inner well-being. not simplistic for me to brush his help out and not soak it within. i always do as well as i do with my mommie. so many misfortunes becomes the simplistic of truth for man in how he or she relates to the living and learned lessons of life. have you been simplistic in your day? has anyone ever told you that you are just to simple for me, i need some pazaa, some ufff...pay that person to be on his or merry way for simplistic holds such power that they don't want to be without their spices. if spice makes the simplistic more simple, then what is that spice of any value for that person seeking non-simplistic?
    the better things in life are to be remembered, but why do we try to forget the bad ones to store in our unsimplistic box? for we shatter at the thought, we cry to joy of the good. it is normal and simplistic to do both some good memories are just as hurtful as old ones. so moral of this blog is to say-"Venture not without any simplicity for you shall be with left in the cold of your inner being searching for warmth to the very simplistic of truth of man."